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Our Mission and Values


To balance the need for robust control and compliance with computing power, scalability and speed through our proprietary innovations in cloud management and emulation. We are pioneers in building technologies that will forever change the future of advanced software development for the national security community, facilitating the shift to work from anywhere.


Applied Insight’s values reflect our promise to our customers and our people – to leave no stone unturned in creating the right outcomes for them. Our values guide everything we do to deliver on that promise.

Resiliency and Grit

We are a disruptive company made up of highly trained, committed, and talented teams. We rely on agility, focus, inventiveness and esprit de corps to get the job done. Our fierce determination and unity of purpose defines who we are.

Relentless Innovation

We do mission-critical work for our customers. It’s our responsibility to do whatever it takes to enable their success. See how we foster innovation in aiLabs.

Collective Wisdom

The quality of our insight relies on diversity of opinion. We discuss, decide, then act as one. See our open positions to join the conversation.


Trust is a privilege, not a right. We earn it by doing our work responsibly, ethically and with integrity.

Operating Principles

From masterminding a cloud migration to protecting our nation’s critical data, our operating principles are the moral compass for how we work to solve our customers’ complex technology challenges.

People First

The customer’s mission is paramount, always. We’re laser-focused on enabling those responsible for that mission through our innovative products, collaborative environment, and qualified support.

Stay Ahead

The future is now; our solutions have been securely enabling remote work long before the COVID-19 pandemic. We embrace new ways of working that enhance the success of our customer’s mission.

Versatility Matters

The challenges our customers face are always evolving. We remain a dynamic, flexible organization that looks at the bigger picture. Our approach is balanced and comprehensive. 

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