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Applied Insight is a recognized industry leader in delivering Cloud Infrastructure and Governance, facilitating Low to High Software Development, design and CI/CD of an authorized DevSecOps Zero Trust Solution, and Cloud & Next-Gen Infrastructure. Our expertise enables Applied Insight to deliver the Innovative Infrastructure and services needed for Data-Centric Warfighting solutions.

The Best in Commercial Innovation for Department of Defense.

Cloud & Next-Gen Infrastructure

Accelerating digital transformation

We build and deliver secure, agile and cost-effective multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments. Our infrastructure experience extends to emerging hyper-converged technologies, software-defined networking, Zero Trust security, identity management, microsegmentation, containerization and workload migration.

Zero Trust

Protect your networks inside and out

Applied Insight is the industry leader in delivering an ATO’d Zero Trust solutions for a DoD DevSecOps environment. Applied Insight understands that Zero Trust is not ‘one size fits all’, we favor a holistic approach that ensures all aspects of the environment are protected – from the infrastructure down to the data.

Cyber Security

Serving complex collaborative environments

Our cyber security experts implement proactive counter-measures designed to identify, intercept and mitigate insider and external attempts to compromise information systems and networks. We provide full scale services for all Defensive Cyber Operations to include Information Assurance and Risk Management Framework.

Mission Solutions

Integrating and sustaining mission-critical systems

We develop, integrate and sustain mission-critical systems that form the backbone of customer operations. Our expertise includes mission planning, acquisition management, systems engineering, configuration management, and system test and evaluation.

Cloud Partners.

100+ Certified Cloud Specialists

Altitude is a modular, scalable cloud infrastructure platform that allows you to set up a compliant government cloud enterprise in 18 days, not 18 months. It delivers robust security, governance and compliance capabilities with an uncompromised user experience.


Secure, remote access to cloud environments; com-patible with IdAM systems


Infrastructure and shared services accessible by cloud tenants


Automated connectivity to multi-cloud and hybrid cloud resources


Suite of centrally managed security tools


Expedite time to ATO through security inheritance


Account management, budget enforcement and automated compliance

Build low, SHIFT™ high.

Latest SHIFT Release Allows Users More Control in Emulation Environment

Government cloud regions have unique security configurations, so software built in commercial cloud regions doesn’t work as expected. Our patented SHIFT platform emulates classified and air-gapped Cloud Service Provider (CSP) regions, so you can build, test and remediate on the low-side, then SHIFT your software up to the high side.


Applied Insight brings unparalleled experience and innovation in the developing and managing of DevSecOps deployments in multiple environments and across classifications levels up to Top Secret. Our proven ability to deploy Cloud Native Computing Foundation resources by leveraging Infrastructure as Code and Configuration as Code enables ai to deliver rapid capability to the Warfighter.


SINs: 518210C Cloud/Related Prof Svcs
54151 HACS Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity
Svcs 54151S IT Prof Svcs – 511210 SW Licenses
54151 SW Maint Svcs OLM

NetCents NetOps Small Bus Companion
USMS Tech & Admin Support
Navy SEAPORT-e Next Gen

Applied Insight's Altitude Cloud Platform
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