Delivering Cloud at Scale with Agility and Control

Altitude is our unique cloud Platform-as-a-Service solution designed for organizations with a growing cloud footprint, delivering highly cost-effective cloud management at scale. It has been developed using our experience of working closely with government customers to remove barriers to cloud adoption.

As an automated solution, Altitude transforms cloud management by enabling organizations to exploit the full power of the cloud while achieving total control, compliance and visibility over their cloud environments as they grow. Current Altitude deployments are enabling thousands of government and industry users to work effectively and efficiently in the cloud within customer-defined compliance and security boundaries.

For the user, Altitude’s high-speed virtual desktop experience enables secure and easy access to their cloud resources from where they are. They benefit from full network connectivity to all their shared services and tools, including approved native AWS services.

For the enterprise, Altitude gives peace of mind with complete visibility across all user accounts. It links cloud access with corporate IDAM systems, tracks cloud spend, and automates usage, budgetary and security compliance in real-time, coupled with robust logging and security event analysis.

Altitude works equally well for organizations in the early stages of moving to the cloud and those with a substantial cloud presence. It is swift to deploy, works with multiple cloud service providers, and provides continuous support to the most demanding workload migration and integration efforts. It is available as a managed service, and can be adapted to fit, flex and grow to meet the specific demands of any agency cloud environment.

For a conversation about how Altitude could help your organization better manage the cloud at scale, please contact Adam Gruber, Director of Engineering at aiLabs:


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