Applied Insight’s Chris Tribie Named “Boss of the NOC” at Splunk .conf18

WASHINGTON, Nov. 20, 2018 ― Applied Insight, a market leader in solving complex technology challenges for federal government customers, announced today that Chris Tribie, a senior systems engineer with the company since 2011, was named “Boss of the NOC” as Top Individual Scorer in the data analytics competition at Splunk .conf18, where more than 10,000 Security and IT thought leaders convened in October to focus on technology innovation.

Held at various times across the U.S., the prestigious “Boss of the NOC” competition is a “gamified” way to explore real data and IT scenarios. Contestants are given complex data sets to analyze for clues and irregularities that point to the root cause of real-world IT incidents and events. Getting to that root cause is the ultimate prize, with contestants demonstrating their “Splunk-fu” along the way.

Chris Tribie finished the competition with over 17,000 points, more than 5,000 ahead of his nearest rival, topping a field of more than 250 contestants across 77 teams.  The AI team, which included Tribie, Richard Augugliaro and Aisha Moore, together took third place overall, a major achievement given the quality and scale of the competition.

“I was really delighted for Chris and the team when I heard the results,” said Nathan Rickman, vice president of Civilian & IC Programs at Applied Insight. “It’s incredible and well-deserved recognition for such a talented group of people. They’re some of the best problem-solvers I’ve worked with, and I know our customers really value the positive impact they have on their mission. I’m proud to count them as colleagues.”

During the event, each team is presented with a wide range of scenarios, including data storage issues, misconfigurations, rogue employees and system failures. Many of the questions are designed to test contestants’ skills in using Splunk Core and Splunk IT Service Intelligence to analyze diverse data types, including web traffic data, Microsoft Active Directory data, database logs and other IT system logs.

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