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Enabling Secure Data Sharing

Customer Challenges

AI’s IC customer needed a case management solution to record and securely store counterintelligence field activity (CIFA) information while allowing secure access and sharing across other IC agencies. Due to the sensitive and highly classified nature of the information, the CIFA case management suite of applications needed to be extremely secure and customized for varied data and entry types by multiple different agencies and field offices, each with their own business processes.

AI Solution Features

AI developed a case management application prototype which, after review and testing by various DoD/IC components, was deployed DoD-wide. The unique configuration of our software design integrated the business processes of various agencies and field offices into an integrated case management system, enabling secure data exchange between different organizations. We built in a defect tracking system to log and manage issues during application development and testing, and developed a user authentication mechanism to control access at a granular level. This case management system is one of the most complex and largest BPM efforts within the agency and is comprised of over 40 maps, 60 forms, and reports. AI engineers also built the application interfaces via a non-SOA XML based custom application which allows data exchange between systems with different classification levels while remaining secure.

Benefits to the Customer Mission

AI’s support for the CIFA case management suite of applications provided multiple benefits for various DoD and IC agencies, including:


  • Enhanced interagency collaboration for CIFA activities
  • Secure access to case management information across multiple security classifications
  • Enhanced security access control with RBAC architecture implemented on a form by form and field by field basis
  • Centralized previously “stovepiped” case management repositories into a single integrated suite of applications

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