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Case Study

Establishing a Public Sector Cloud Program Management Office in AWS

Customer Challenges

The customer had a requirement to create a program management office (PMO) focused towards cloud computing initiatives to take advantages of the capabilities provided by cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS). A cloud PMO – dubbed LANDEMPEROR – was required to enable a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to manage all cloud services throughout the enterprise and provide a foundational level of security, compliance, and visibility for all cloud resources to leverage. The LANDEMPEROR concept posed the following challenges for the customer:

  • Implement base infrastructure that adheres to all customer corporate security policy
  • Attain an ATO for LANDEMPEROR infrastructure
  • Build infrastructure elements across three different fabrics – GovCloud, AWS Secret Region, and AWS Top Secret Region
  • Support a multi-tenancy model for cloud consumption to provide isolation and allow for different use cases across the cloud
  • Integrate with other corporate customer services and capabilities to take advantage of existing toolsets and security mechanisms

AI Solution Features

Applied Insight implemented our Altitude managed service solution to meet all the identified challenges and requirements set forth by the customer to establish a cloud PMO. Further, Applied Insight is currently in the process of tailoring this Altitude implementation to better fit the specific needs of the customer and ensure that all continually developing requirements are satisfied. Currently, Altitude has been instantiated in GovCloud with ongoing efforts to continue deployments in both the AWS Secret Region and AWS Top Secret Region. The services, features, and tools listed below were leveraged for this implementation to create a secure, cloud-based environment, built on an infrastructure that is both highly available and scalable.

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