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Case Study

Establishing a Scalable, Secure Cloud-Based Environment to Enable Unclassified Software Development

Customer Challenges

The customer had a requirement to modernize and consolidate all unclassified software development efforts within their enterprise to minimize costs, increase the overall security posture, and provide governance over assets. The solution was to build a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) where software developers and product owners could host their applications in a secure, scalable, and high-performant cloud-based environment. There were many challenges associated with this vision and it introduced certain specific requirements that needed to be addressed:

  • Maintain a fully accredited and ATO’d environment
  • Track and enforce budgets across all cloud resources
  • Provide a single method of entry into the cloud environment secured by multi-factor authentication
  • Enforce complex and vast auditing/logging controls throughout all systems
  • Provide access to suite of centralized services to facilitate software development activities

AI Solution Features

Applied Insight implemented our Altitude managed service solution to meet all the stated requirements and tailored it to further accommodate additional customer use cases and project teams. The services, features, and tools listed below were leveraged for this implementation to create a secure cloud-based environment, built on an infrastructure that is both highly available and scalable.

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