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Case Study

Greater Security at Reduced Cost

Customer Challenges

Our Defense customer wanted to improve the security of its sensitive data while leveraging cost-reducing technologies for their IT infrastructure. Specifically, they were looking for a way to remove sensitive data-at-rest, information that sits on physical devices, from their end user workstations. The customer also wanted to find a way to rapidly deploy SIPRNET to temporary or permanent enclaves, while maintaining a high level of security within a virtualized infrastructure. Prior to AI’s involvement, previous attempts to solve customer data-at-rest issues included technically unsound solutions, and other costly and unaffordable options.

AI Solution Features

Our background in designing, implementing and operating secure virtualized infrastructure solutions allowed us to implement a secure and affordable solution for our customer. We worked closely with the scientists at Air Force Research Laboratory, and engineers at Cisco, Dell, and AIS to leverage the existing NIPRNET campus backbone and the SIPRNET Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to design and implement a highly secure, cost effective, and accredited NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) deployment for over 2,000 users.

Benefits to the Customer Mission

AI’s SecureView and VDI solution enabled the customer to better manage their data-at-rest, as well as rapid deployment of SIPRNET connectivity in a secure manner. Specifically, our approach achieved:

    • Complete security for sensitive data-at-rest
    • Rapid deployment of SIPRNET connectivity
    • Higher compliance with DOD and STIG standards
    • Security patches can be applied properly
    • Data management is centralized

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