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Case Study

Solving Security and Compliance Challenges through Flexible Logging Pipeline on AWS

Customer Challenges

The customer had a requirement to modernize how applications were engineered and operated to minimize costs, complexity of security compliance, and Time to Market. The solution was to build a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) where customer application owners could host their applications in a secure, scalable, and stress-tested environment. One challenge in this endeavor was developing an automated centralized logging solution that could capture logs from many accounts while meeting the following core requirements:

  • Capture logs from every corner of the environment (AWS Management Console actions and API calls, network, operating system, application, etc.)
  • Provide a single endpoint for visualization, analysis, and monitoring of log data
  • Support a full multi-tenancy model

AI Solution Features

The Security & Logging and Cloud Governance pillars of our Altitude managed service solution met all the stated requirements and was therefore customized and implemented to augment the customer’s PaaS offering. The services, features, and tools listed below were leveraged for this implementation to create an automated centralized logging solution, built on an infrastructure that is both highly available and scalable.

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