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Case Study

Speed Development in the Cloud

Customer Challenges

The national security customer of our cloud infrastructure specialists at Applied Insight maintained an unclassified research lab environment for developing innovative new applications and testing various types of equipment. Due to the lab’s success, the customer wanted to expand usage across multiple different research organizations focused on communications, analytics, quantum computing, and other disciplines. The expansion would substantially increase the number of users with access to the environment and include the need to collaborate with academia on certain projects.

AI Solution Features

Leveraging our experience architecting similar environments, Applied Insight developed a secure, scalable hybrid cloud solution to give researchers the ability to setup and configure new development and testing environments on demand. This solution was designed to support multiple research organizations with different needs and allow access to both cloud and on-premise resources. In lieu of setting up multiple isolated physical labs that use separate IT infrastructure, researchers now leverage resources within the cloud to better orchestrate development and testing activities during periods of surge. The environment is also built on the same AWS core architecture used by operations, allowing these research organizations to more easily transition technologies once they are mature.

Benefits to the Customer Mission

    • AWS Workspaces using multi-factor authentication facilitate secure, central access to the research environment.
    • Researchers gain access to project-specific environments that connect AWS resources such as EC2, S3, and RDS with on-premise hardware using a combination of networking services.

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