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Streamlining Business Processes

Customer Challenges

The process of designating a federal prisoner cuts across the Executive and Judicial Branches of Government and includes 4 main Agencies: US Courts, United States Marshals Service (USMS), Bureau of Prisons (BOP), and the Office of the Federal Detainee Trustee (OFDT). Each of the 94 districts’ processes is unique. Our customer needed an innovative approach to application development to automate laborious manual tasks and increase efficiencies across the federal prisoner detainee process.

AI Solution Features

We’ve partnered with USMS for more than a decade to develop and implement a suite of over 30 different applications critical to our customer’s mission. We have automated a range of business processes using web-accessible applications, enabling electronic submission of both data and documents across the internet and within the DOJ networks. AI application developers and engineers built various web services (and clients) to allow a non-intrusive method to share data across three disparate network systems and databases, allowing agencies to share data in a secure environment from their native systems. These services are now used across all 94 Districts, with over 3000 users and 70,000 cases.

Benefits to the Customer Mission

AI’s suite of applications has contributed to significant cost savings by automating mission-critical capabilities. We have integrated the applications with various disparate systems and reduced the time for federal detainee designation from 42 days to 21, saving the Federal Government tens of millions of dollars per year. Other benefits have included:


  • Replacing legacy paper-based system and processes with all electronic records and automated applications
  • Providing a centralized pipeline across two branches of government and multiple agencies
  • Enhancing data sharing and communication between agencies
  • Providing automated quantifiable measuring of time (cost) in OFDT for detainee operations for the first time

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