Our Mission

At AI, we do privileged work that is critical to enabling and sustaining the mission of our customers. We enhance their ability to preserve national security, deliver justice and serve the public through failsafe technologies and systems. We take that responsibility very seriously. We make it our job to understand our customer’s mission and the user’s reality, right from the start. We account for potential points of failure up front – from improper scoping to user distrust – enabling us to manage risk effectively from day one.

This proven approach sheds light on what customers really need to succeed – from adaptation to innovation. For us, there’s no problem too complex and no fix too small. Our work leaves no stone unturned in leading our customers where they need to be, efficiently and effectively.

Our Operating Principles

Whatever we do, from implementing a Cloud migration and bolstering cyber security, to assuring mission system performance, we practice Accountable Innovation. That means that when we commit, we deliver, whatever it takes. Wherever we work, we are guided by our operating principles. They are our moral compass for the way we do business and serve our customers.

People First

Our success relies on highly skilled and motivated people. We enable our teams by nurturing their creativity and collaboration in achieving the best possible outcomes for our customers.

Stay Ahead

Innovation brings new potential every day. It’s our duty to create and embrace new ways of working that enhance the success of our customer’s mission.

Versatility Matters

Things can look different from the inside. We work to stabilize before we optimize, and are always prepared to adapt to meet evolving customer challenges.

Our Leadership Team

Applied Insight is led by a highly experienced team focused on mission delivery and developing the leaders of tomorrow.

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