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Building a Public Sector Cloud Can Take 18 MONTHS.

Can Your Mission Afford to Wait?

With Altitude™, You Can Shrink the Timeline to
18 DAYS.

Altitude™ is a modular, scalable and rapidly deployable infrastructure platform that can be set up in a matter of days, not months. It delivers robust security, governance and compliance capabilities with an uncompromised user experience. It also supports public sector compliance best practices, e.g. NIST recommendations, CMMC guidelines, and Zero Trust architectures.

Altitude™ automatically hardens entry points, so users can securely access their workloads, even when working from home. Its built-in security and automated governance control user access and ensure full visibility. It even enforces budgetary restrictions, so there is no “surprise” billing at the end of the month.

End-users can access customized suites of shared services and tools, use AWS services natively and enjoy network connectivity to their cloud and on-premises resources. 

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Eric Beane

“Software developers want to be able to be free to do what they’re best at. They just want to be able to write code and develop new mission applications. With Altitude™, the software developers can just focus on their code.”
– Eric Beane, Technical Director

Identity and Access Management

Rest easy knowing that cloud access ties into a single user identity, leverages user federation for seamless access to cloud resources, and is protected using multi-factor authentication.

Customized to Meet Mission Needs

Altitude™ users don’t have to compromise security, compliance, or end-user experience to exploit the full power of the cloud. With high-performance and flexibility at its core, Altitude™ deployments come in many forms and are catered to customer needs.

Journey to the Cloud

Altitude™ works equally well for organizations in the early stages of moving to the cloud and those with a substantial cloud presence. Altitude™ can be deployed in a matter of days, works with multiple Cloud Service Providers, and provides continuous support to the most demanding workload migration and integration efforts.

Adaptable Consumption Models

Altitude™ can be adapted to fit, flex, and grow to meet the specific demands of any Public Sector use case. Contact us to learn more about our managed service approach to delivering cloud operations at scale!

Use Cases

Cloud Migration & App Hosting

Many federal agencies have mandated cloud migration directives but lack a comprehensive cloud platform to help them do so. Altitude™ helps expedite the secure deployment of complex, multi-cloud environments while providing visibility into usage and expenditures, thereby decreasing time-to-value for cloud investments.

Software Development

Altitude™ does the infrastructure heavy-lifting for development teams, so they can remain mission-focused, without compromising security. Altitude™ puts guardrails in place to ensure secure cloud usage without sacrificing freedom and a heightened end-user experience.

Security & Compliance

Public Sector customers – no matter where they are in their cloud journey – use Altitude™ to maintain a secure, compliant cloud environment with an enhanced user experience in both low-side and high-side ecosystems.

System integrators and commercial vendors working with the federal government need to adhere to numerous compliance regimes. Instead of taking an entire corporate infrastructure through compliance, Altitude™ provides a secure and compliant-ready environment so users can quickly satisfy contractual needs.


Implementing and rolling out a secure enterprise telework solution takes significant time and resources. With Altitude™, we can rapidly deploy a secure, compliant telework environment so teams can work no matter where they are.

Altitude™ Case Studies

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