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SHIFT is a SaaS/Paas emulation and testing platform that emulates isolated regions, air-gapped regions, and GovCloud. It provides detailed feedback on requests made within the platform, whether they will work in the target region, and information on how to remediate any issues. SHIFT, while still available on its own, is also offered as a part of Altitude for customers who need emulation. Originally created by Digital Age Experts, SHIFT joined Applied Insight's capabilities after the acquisition in late 2019.

Integration & Emulation

Allows you to test for accurate signing of API calls and region-specific attributes in API calls and allows workloads/AMIs to be securely launched in customer's AWS account.

Provides custom AWS endpoints signed by custom CA and custom, region-specific API responses.


Provides integration into your development platform to build in commercial AWS environment while emulating the attributes of the private region in which your code will be deployed.

Allows you to work within your own AWS environments and emulate your targeted air-gapped region.

Error & Issue

Receive descriptive error responses and recommendations for remediation per service used.

Provide accurate error response when attempting unavailable services.

Who Should Use SHIFT


Launch your product in air-gapped regions or the IC Marketplace and have it work as designed.

SaaS Providers

Configure your product to thrive in private regions and provide SaaS services to entire air-gapped customer-base.


Save time and increase speed to mission by allowing low-side development for workloads ultimately destined for air-gapped regions.

System Integrators

Develop systems in commercial, unclassified environments and SHIFT them high-side; confirm low-side development works as designed prior to delivering to Government customers in air-gapped regions.

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