Our Converged Infrastructure services enable customers to gain true control over their IT estate and move from current to desired state with calm efficiency. We architect, design, implement, and operate failsafe IT environments, ever mindful of their criticality to the mission.

AI has deep knowledge and experience of current and emerging hyper-converged technologies, architectures, and engineering concepts, from Virtualization and Software-defined Networking, to Software-defined storage/ data centers and Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC).

Our approach to providing Converged Infrastructure as a Service (CIaaS) combines high-level Cloud Architecture and Engineering along with expert IT O&M services across every facet of IT.

Cyber Operations

AI has a proven track record in both offensive and defensive cybersecurity capabilities, operating in mission critical government agency environments.

Our Offensive Cyber Operations (OCO) services focus on actively gathering information from systems and networks as the basis for proactively manipulating, disrupting, denying, degrading, or destroying targeted adversary computers, information systems and networks that present a threat to National Security and Cyberspace.

Our Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) service implements proactive countermeasures designed to detect, identify, intercept, and destroy harmful insider or external attempts to penetrate and compromise our Nation’s information systems and networks. We seek to contain or resolve risks through analysis of threat activity and vulnerability data.


At AI, we bring an understanding of “The Cloud” not as a place, but as an agile, efficient and cost-effective way of delivering and adopting IT services.

Our cloud specialists carry out assessment, migration, integration and security services to create environments that are appropriate to specific customers contexts and goals. We work with complete transparency to show the clear financial, operational and technical benefits of adopting particular Cloud environments, including GOCO, IaaS, PaaS, DaaS, Private, Hybrid or Commercial.

We leverage our expertise in storage and virtualization, identity management, deployment planning and workload migration and interoperability to ensure that customers experience a smooth transition between environments, preserving data integrity and access regardless of scale and scope.

Application Development

In the rapidly evolving world of application development, the great is often the enemy of the good. At AI, we combine agility with pragmatism in our approach to deliver continuous, effective and timely improvements to customer mission-critical applications.

We deploy agile, dynamic and multi-disciplinary DevOps teams to design and deliver effective applications to users in timeframes and formats that work for them, wherever they are, whatever their role. We build on COTS integration where practicable, and work to tight, iterative development cycles to keep firm control over requirements as they evolve and change.

Our many years of experience in this field helps us to plan, develop and deliver everything from the simplest to the most complex software applications, achieving incremental improvements that stick closely to what customers really need.