Welcome to Applied Insight

As Intelligent Decisions, our company grew to become a trusted IT partner to the US Federal Government, focused on delivering mission-critical technologies that enable them to serve the public more effectively. Today, we begin a new chapter in the history of the company as Applied Insight.

A key to success in supporting the agency mission is to stay nimble. Facing complex challenges that are constantly evolving, government customers increasingly demand high value services and people dedicated to solving their technology problems in ways that reflect their unique contexts and goals, and result in better outcomes.

To ensure we can meet this market need more effectively, we have announced this week the strategic split and rebranding of Intelligent Decisions’ into two standalone companies: Applied Insight, the professional services business with a diverse team of technology and process specialists dedicated to solving complex technology problems for customers, and ID Technologies, the products business which pairs partner technologies with supportive acquisition strategies to enable government agencies to achieve mission success.

This move was made possible by the recent acquisition of Intelligent Decisions by The Acacia Group, an investment firm led by a seasoned team of operational investors. The investment they’re making in our people and infrastructure gives us greater scope to strengthen our capabilities and develop new approaches to the specific technology challenges of our customers in the defense, intelligence and civilian Federal communities.

I am proud to lead Applied Insight as President, heading up a uniquely talented team of people. Together, we have a strong understanding of the mission challenges our government customers face, and the role technology can play in addressing them. But while technology is at the heart of our solutions, it can only be truly effective if it’s fit for purpose for the people who use it. That’s why we practice Accountable Innovation. That means taking time to understand our customers’ unique contexts and goals before we act. It means delivering projects with the user in mind. It means taking full responsibility for the performance of the systems we design and operate. It means putting things right even if it’s not our job.

As Applied Insight, leaving no stone unturned in solving our customer’s technology challenges is the promise that drives everything we do, enabling missions and services that are vital to the nation. We look forward to delivering on that promise every day for new and existing customers, practicing the Accountable Innovation that they rightly demand.

Greg Walker
President, Applied Insight








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