What We Do

Accountable Innovation

At AI we do privileged work, enabling our customers to collaborate with insight in delivering services vital to the nation. We enhance their ability to preserve national security, deliver justice and serve the public with failsafe technologies and quality analysis. We take that responsibility very seriously.

Working with customers across the federal government, we’re applying commercial innovations in big data, cyber, cloud and mission IT to build, manage and secure the systems they need, handle their complex data and computing requirements, and deliver insights that aid decision-making.

In everything we do, we’re mindful of the power and the pitfalls of technology in equal measure. Technology can be a true enabler when it aligns with the goals of the people who use it. Get that wrong, and technology can hamper the mission.

That’s why we practice Accountable Innovation, collaborating with customers to create pragmatic solutions that account for how their people work and what they need to achieve, working at a pace and scale that best serves their mission.

We make it our job to understand our customer’s objectives and the user’s reality, right from the start. We account for potential points of failure up front – from improper scoping to user distrust – enabling us to manage risk effectively from day one.

This proven approach sheds light on what customers really need to succeed – from adaptation to innovation. For us, there’s no problem too complex and no fix too small. Our work leaves no stone unturned in leading our customers where they need to be, efficiently and effectively.


Our Operating Environment

AI’s technology and process experts are engaged in complex problem-solving and advancing mission capability across multiple IT environments and at all levels of a customer’s infrastructure.

We cut across operational silos to offer a comprehensive range of support. Whether engaged at one or many levels, our teams can leverage expertise from across the business at any time, no matter what the issue may be.

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