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Applied Insight works with multiple agencies across the Intelligence, Defense and Federal Civilian communities.

Our technical and process specialists have deep knowledge and experience of the complex mission challenges our customers face every day. We collaborate with them to design and deliver enabling technology solutions that account for the diverse people who rely on them.

Defense & Security
Federal Civilian


The job of our intelligence community gets harder every day. Faced with burgeoning amounts and types of data to sift, understand and act upon, along with increasing scrutiny of the outcomes, the IC relies more and more on technology, where the proliferation of solutions creates its own challenges.

At AI, we start with the mission. We take time to understand exactly what our customers need to achieve before designing and managing better solutions, blending technology and process in ways that account for how they work and the outcomes they strive for. Our approach helps to make their task less daunting, and to deliver successful outcomes that stand up to scrutiny, from wherever it comes.

Intelligence Case Studies

Defense & Security

Complexity is inherent to planning and executing any defense mission. Effective command, control and communications are vital components, demanding failsafe systems that enable people to collaborate in decision making and direct mission critical resources.

At AI, we work hard to ensure that those systems are always fit for that purpose, providing actionable information and intelligence for our military leaders. Following our operating principles to the letter, we innovate where we need to, or adapt when time and resources require it. That way, we achieve pragmatic and cost effective outcomes that enhance our customers’ mission success.

Defense Case Studies

Federal Civilian

Working effectively with agencies that deliver vital public services demands a deep understanding of their mission outcomes. These outcomes are where we begin on each and every engagement.

Ever mindful of their accountability, AI systems and process specialists factor diverse user requirements, from officials at the front line to those responsible for the systems they depend on, into the technical solutions we design. As those requirements evolve or the mission changes, we move with them. This diligence and flexibility is the foundation of the positive impact AI brings wherever we work.

Federal Civilian Case Studies

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