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aiLabs – Our Innovation Powerhouse 

Navigating to the right solutions at the speed of the mission is a daunting challenge.

We’re making that job easier through aiLabs.

aiLabs is our collaborative R&D ecosystem. It’s where we come together to develop new and pragmatic technologies that advance our customers’ mission, drawing on extensive technical capabilities and mission understanding from across the company.

We invest our own R&D capital in solutions development and prioritize our research program to address real customer problems at pace. Solutions range from combining current capabilities to creating entirely new technologies and approaches. The objective is always the same – innovating to improve mission outcomes.

We’re very proud of the role of aiLabs in creating opportunities for our people to broaden their horizons. It connects people with a range of skills to work on diverse mission-critical projects, learn from some of the most experienced people in our sector, work with new technologies, and develop new ways of solving complex problems for customers across the federal community.

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